Spring GrassIf there is one type of warm weather sod that every homeowner and landscape professional should be considering, JaMur Zoysia grass is the one. In fact, JaMur is considered by many to be the most versatile of all of the warm-season turfgrass varieties.

This attractive and extremely functional Zoysia grass developed from selections collected by world renowned USDA geneticist Jack Murray has been taking the landscape industry by storm. This is due to JaMur’s minimal water usage and fertilization requirements, not to mention the fact that lawn maintenance just does not get much easier than this. JaMur is similar in appearance to a dwarf variety of St. Augustine, without the insect problems associated with those varieties, while providing excellent shade tolerance capabilities.

Its attractive blue-green color is the ideal choice for high visibility and high traffic residential and commercial applications, as well as an excellent golf course rough and bunker face selection. The Osceola County region is, as we all know, hit with an intense amount of unforgiving sun in the summer – and pounded by fierce rains. This warm climate can inflict great damage on most types of lawn grass. Jamur Zoyzia is warm climate tolerant and beautiful in residential and commercial settings.

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