Choosing Your Central Florida Sod

Celebration Bermuda Sod Grass

Celebration Bermuda grass is the result of over 10 years of development by Australia’s most accomplished turfgrass breeder and green keeper, Rod Riley. Since 1960, Mr. Riley’s turf grasses have set new standards for Bermuda grass in Australia, Asia and the U.S. Now, Mr. Riley’s most impressive Bermuda, Celebration Bermuda grass, is available for purchase in the U.S.

Celebration will provide homeowners with a beautiful lawn despite current watering restrictions.

The following are benefits and characteristics of the turf:

Please use the information on this page to choose the correct grass for your application. Feel free to call the S & K office at 407-892-3400 to speak to a sod professional.

  • Distinctive, dark blue-green color
  • Grows vertically at a slower rate than other Bermuda varieties
  • Performs well in light to moderate shade
  • Transplants well during the summer heat
  • Can be maintained at a very low height for golf and sports applications
  • Resistance to insect problems common to St. Augustine
  • High drought tolerance

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