Choosing Your Central Florida Sod

Argentine Bahia

Bahia is a popular low-maintenance lawn grass for infertile soils. The primary uses for Bahia are residential and commercial lawns and erosion control.

Bahia Characteristics:

  • Dark green color
  • Coarse texture blades with seed heads (May to November)
  • Dense sod
  • Good color
  • Cold hardiness
  • One of the most drought tolerant grasses
  • Withstands moderate traffic
  • Low salt tolerance
  • Low maintenance
  • Responds well to fertilization
  • Must have full sun
  • Mole crickets are a Bahia pest

Consider this information and links below to choose the correct grass for your application. Please feel free to call the S & K office at 407-892-3400 to speak to a sod professional.

Mowing height: During active growth, mow every one to two weeks at 3 inches. It is important not to mow Bahia at lower heights, as that will reduce the tolerance of the grass to heat, drought and other stresses. This will also suppress root growth.

Watering Requirements: Watering is required when blades begin to fold up, to actually wilt, turn blue gray in color, or when footprints remain visible after walking on the grass. Apply 1/2 ” to 3/4″ of water per application.

Argentine Bahia

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