Sod Types

Choosing Your Central Florida Sod

Choosing the Right Sod

Buying sod is an investment and should not be an impulsive purchase. Choosing the right grass for your lawn will ensure your turf will afford a return on your investment. Making an informed decision will allow you a low maintenance, water thrifty, environmentally friendly lawn. The other option is a lawn that is susceptible to weed invasion, pest, disease and requires high maintenance. Listed below are the various grasses available.

S & K Sod, the brief descriptions link to in-depth detail about each of our grasses. Before you research these grasses, you may want to ask yourself the following questions:

• What do you want your lawn to look like? Grasses come in various color, blade width and length and density of growth.
• How much time and money are you willing to spend on your lawn? Grasses that require high maintenance cost more in money and time invested.
• What are your site’s growing conditions? What is your site’s soil type and fertility?
• How much sun and shade does the area get? What is the site’s climate? How will your lawn be used? Is the area to be ornamental landscaping, a play area or erosion control?

Consider these questions and then use the information and links below to choose the correct grass for your application. Please feel free to call the S & K office at 407-892-3400 to speak to a sod professional.

Argentine Bahia

Bitter Blue St. Augustine

Captive St. Augustine

Celebration Bermuda

Bermuda St. Augustine

Jamur Zoysia

Tifway Bermuda