IMPORTANT: Must Read Sod Warranty Information

S & K Sod Company, Inc. will warranty our sod for five days from date of sale if the following conditions are met. Sod must be installed within 24-hours of delivery. Please water the ground before installing sod. You must contact this office within 48-hours if you have any problems with your sod. If you notice any abnormal appearance in your sod such as brown spots or leaves that appear to have irregular edges please notify us at once. Most problems with sod can be corrected with early detection and treatment. Sod must receive 1/2″ per day by daybreak until sod is rooted down and once established sod must receive 2″ per week. Do not water sod while stacked on the pallet.

New sod is susceptible to insect infestation and fungus diseases and must be treated within 5 days after sod is installed. Recommended fungicides are Pro-Star or Heritage and recommended insecticides are liquid Sevin or Arena. New sod is very susceptible to infestation by army worms and sod web worms; you should continue to inspect your sod for worms after it is installed.

St. Augustine sod is very susceptible to chinch bug infestation and must be treated every 30 days with an insecticide labeled to control chinch bugs. FYI- we have noticed that chinch bugs have developed immunity to Pyrethrin products making them ineffective for killing chinch bugs. Do not apply weed and feed or high nitrogen fertilizers or any herbicides to new sod within the first 90 days after installation. We recommend you evaluate your irrigation system checking for coverage and water flow.

If a problem does arise, it is at S & K Sod’s discretion as to how we resolve the issue, either by treating chemically and/or by replacement of sod if we deem it necessary. Thank you for your business!

David Smith
S & K Sod Company, Inc.

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