About S & K Sod Company, Inc.

S & K Sod Company, Inc. was established in 1973 by David Smith. The initial focus of S & K Sod was harvesting pastureland Bahia grass. As the demand for various grasses increased, we expanded into the production of St. Augustine grass. Soon after, our delivery fleet was established and tractor-trailers owned and operated by S & K Sod were hauling our products to customers.

Now, our clients are requesting dependable installation services and our installation department was created. Supervised S & K crews began installing our products and completing the sod growing, harvesting, delivery and installation process. With the rapid population growth of Florida’s central and eastern coast came the increased demand for water conservation.

S & K Sod has expanded its product line and now offers grasses that require less water and maintenance. S & K continues to offer high-quality grasses and customer service that sets us apart from the competition. Meeting and exceeding the customer’s expectations every day is our goal at S & K Sod.

About S & K Sod

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