Local sod gives you that lush, green grass you want without worrying if it will work with your environment. But when is the best time to lay sod so that it can root without stress and start growing?

Here are some options you have for when to lay sod…


Noted as a favorite time of year for laying sod, spring’s mild temperatures and rain work to nurture the sod as the roots establish. This time of year has the best potential for your grass to grow without drying out.


While it is completely possible to lay sod in the summer, maintaining moisture is key. While the sod is establishing roots, this moisture is essential. The edges of the sod can’t dry out, but they also can’t be too soggy.


As the temperatures cool back down, growing your sod’s roots becomes a little easier again. Your sod should have plenty of time to establish roots before winter’s cooler weather. Just be sure to keep your sod evenly moist.


As with summer, laying sod in the Florida winter is completely possible! Thankfully we don’t have the harsh frost that cooler climates deal with. Monitor your water levels, as with any time of year.

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