St Augustine GrassSometimes the difference between a successful and beautiful lawn if it’s St. Augustine is simple.

Main Fundamentals of Proper St. Augustine Lawn Care

1. Water Is Essential to Success
When it comes to watering your lawn, there are a lot of myths and misinformation being presented as ways to water your lawn. Let’s clear those myths out of the way with a facts about lawn watering.

Osceola County is known for its sugar sand and its ability to leach water quickly back into the aquifer. At times the media can be heard causing great trauma throughout central Florida about water shortages. We respect that, but believe that it will rain excessively once again this summer and we will not hear about drought. Therefore, water your grass in large amounts. Yes, if there is standing water on your lawn – feel free to turn off the irrigation system, but remember, you need to water that beautiful lawn if you want it to be sturdy and tolerant of the few days where it won’t rain in Osceola County!

Pay attention to the edges and out laying borders of your lawn – that is where most of the t challenges start – be sure that you slightly overspray driveways, sidewalks and patio edges to make sure they are not browning or drying altogether.

2. Mowing – All About The Height
It’s simple… you need to make sure not to mow the lawn below 3 inches. If you do the roots can become exposed and will tend to dry up and die during the summer. Simply make sure you are allowing for a healthy length that will protect the roost from becoming exposed to the central Florida sun!

3. Intro to Lawn Spraying
Lawn spraying is the most challenging of the three fundamentals ways to have a successful St. Augustine grass lawn – and is usually done by those who really know how to spray correctly and responsibly – professionals. If you are a “Do It Yourselfer”, that’s fine we respect that, but educate yourself, go slow and be dedicated. Part time care will bring part time results.
The internet is a vast resource for educating yourself on lawn spraying. Do your homework, by quality pesticides and fertilizers. You’ll be glad you did when you see the results!

Weeds in central Florida is a never-ending cycle as we all know – there is no “one and done” solution. Remember, be consistent… a well-watered, well fed and well protected lawn will become healthy and able to fend off disease. Do all this and you will most likely enjoy the luscious beauty of a St. Augustine lawn!

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