If you have any trees around your yard, trim away any weak or damaged branches or palms. High winds can break branches like these off of trees, hurtling them to your lawn below. This can cause significant damage to your lawn, often requiring extensive repairs. Not only are broken branches potentially hazardous for your lawn, they can also damage your home or injure you or a loved one. Keep your trees trimmed and tidy to stay safe.

If you have any fruit-, nut- or seed-bearing trees, harvest everything before a hurricane comes through. Like branches broken off trees, fruits and the like can be ripped off the tree in the wind, creating dangerous projectiles. There are many options for preserving fruits and nuts.  A quick online search will yield numerous ideas and techniques for your particular items. You may even find a fun, new hobby you truly enjoy!

Find other hurricane preparedness tips and more information about Hurricane Preparedness Week on the National Weather Service web site.

Kua’s Hurricane handbook —-> https://kua.com/hurricane-safety/

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