Argentine Bahia

Bahia is a popular low-maintenance lawn grass for infertile soils. The primary uses for Bahia are residential and commercial lawns and erosion control.

Bahia Characteristics:

  • Dark green color
  • Coarse texture blades with seed heads (May to November)
  • Dense sod
  • Good color
  • Cold hardiness
  • One of the most drought tolerant grasses
  • Withstands moderate traffic
  • Low salt tolerance
  • Low maintenance
  • Responds well to fertilization
  • Must have full sun
  • Mole crickets are a Bahia pest

Mowing height: During active growth, mow every one to two weeks at 3 inches. It is important not to mow Bahia at lower heights, as that will reduce the tolerance of the grass to heat, drought and other stresses. This will also suppress root growth.

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