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The grass is always greener with S & K Sod! Enjoy the thick, luxurious and vibrant green lawn of your dreams this summer! Create lasting curb appeal for your home or business, take in the perfect round of golf, or simply enjoy walking barefoot on soft, cool grass with any one of our wide variety of sod options. We offer installation, maintenance, removal and replacement services and our sod professionals can recommend the best product for your home, business or athletic needs! Contact us today and enjoy the greener side of life with S & K Sod!
Remember to mow your lawn frequently.

Remember to mow your lawn frequently.

As we all know, it rains almost every afternoon during a Florida summer. All of this extra water will get your grass growing faster than any other time of the year. It becomes important to mow your lawn more frequently in an effort to keep the grass under control....

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