Choosing Your Central Florida Sod

Captiva St. Augustine Sod Grass

A reduced input St. Augustine, Captiva’s pest resistance minimizes the need for chemical inputs and their low growth habit reduces mowing frequency.

  • Resistant to all chinch bug varieties found in the State of Florida
  • Lush, dark green color
  • Resist the Plant hopper insect
  • Slow leaf growth means less mowing
  • Dense canopy and deep root system
  • Chinch bug resistant
  • Less mowing
  • Beautiful color
  • Finer Bladed

Please use the information on this page to choose the correct grass for your application. Feel free to call the S & K office at 407-892-3400 to speak to a sod professional.

Argentine Bahia

Bitter Blue St. Augustine

Captive St. Augustine

Celebration Bermuda

Bermuda St. Augustine

Jamur Zoysia

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